Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Last night I had the strangest dream-

In addition to living with my roommate Jessica I had this secret boyfriend living in the other bedroom who was some sort of circus performer. I had a date with a second guy who came over to the house, and we started kissing. Then circus guy comes home after a long day of stilt walking and breathing fireballs and we start making out while the second guy is in the bathroom. Circus guy keeps leaving the room and coming back in a variety of dresses and drag makeup and we keep smooching. Other guy gets angry and storms into my kitchen where he break my toaster oven (I have no toaster oven). Finally my landlord comes over to the house very angry, and while he's yelling I hear a telephone ring from deep inside the front hall closet. Way in the back of the closet is an unplugged, old timey telephone and I pick it up to hear Virginia Woolf (don't tell me how I knew it was her). She is calling to tell me I'm in trouble, of which I'm fully aware.

Something else happens and then its morning and my father (played by Vince Vaughn) is packing me a lunch to take to work.

It was a combination of strangely erotic and highly irritating. The packed lunch was the erotic part.