Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I'm sick. I feel like absolute shit. My throat is sore and I'm just feeling shitty in general. I'll sit here and drink tea to stay awake so I can fix all of these stupid designs.

We got a domain name today, hurrah. So on Friday I'll get to learn to use Dreamweaver and make a new site up. This time it'll be nice and pretty.

Didn't get much work done again today. I really spend too much time cooking.

On the plus side, I scored a shipment of wool to knit so there should be a heap of stuff up on the site soonish.

Jessica and I played around with the hacksaw blades today. They file down really nicely so they should work. The main problem is how to get them to the right length. Tried using one to cut the other but it was took way too long so it really wasn't worth it.